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Post: Notice

1 minute read

A notice displays information that explains nearby content. Often used to call attention to a particular detail.

Sandbox 2010

less than 1 minute read

this is my sandbox, basically a testing ground for anything im testing, reviewing, and generally playing around with..   Apps I have developed, but never rea...

Lead Generator

less than 1 minute read

Lead Generator   Generate fresh leads at the click of a button, dont waste time buying outdated and stale leads, generate thousands of leads in minutes from ...

Cms Rant

1 minute read

After spending years implementing and delivering so many custom solutions in a variety of languages, I have constantly been looking for a complete solution t...

Global Membership card idea 2009

2 minute read

Global Membership Card   ONE card to handle memberships at retail stores, shops, restaurants, cafe’s etc instead of individual membership cards, having to lo...

Very Rough high level ballpark estimate

less than 1 minute read

Here was a very high level overview of an estimate I made for a recent project. This was rewritten into a professional document