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After spending years implementing and delivering so many custom solutions in a variety of languages, I have constantly been looking for a complete solution to cover all bases, and finally narrowed it down to several key components.

  • Web CMS - Content Management
  • Ecommerce - Storefronts, shopping carts, etc
  • Highly customised web applications
  • Customised desktop applications

In working on solutions, I think it is very important to get the analysis correct before choosing on any particular system or custom development, use the appropriate technology solution for the intended goals and results of the project. Most one size fits all solutions tend to be one size fits none  wtihout heavy modification and tedious development processes…

Some problems I have found with many CMS solutions

  1. Learning curves
  2. Rigid templating and API designs which require developers to invest significant amounts of time in learning the basics, and than once they do, the results are not that spectacular due to clunky and outdated architecture.
  3. spending more time fixing issues with the core system rather than creating custom business logic and applications…4.) poor administration interfaces, does not provide end user with user friendly system.

I believe a good cms should provide solid a cms, while still allowing flexibility for developers, designers, and content editors to focus on their specialization and workload, the CMS should provide 80% of the CMS functionality with code developed being approx 20%.