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Essential Microservice Components

2 minute read

I have spent the last decade or so converting monoliths to microservice based architectures, with the microservices being primarily in .NET (.NET Framework a...

A Quick Web API REST Refresher

6 minute read

So, I have been creating and working with web api’s since the early 2000’s. First with perl cgi-bin requests, PHP simple RPC style POST/GET requests, than SO...

Dont return api exceptions as bad requests

2 minute read

So recently, when looking at some new projects that have web api or azure function http endpoints, I have noticed a lack of basic understanding of http knowl...

NugetVersion tool updated to 1.0.5

less than 1 minute read

Over the years I have refactored many large codebases across multiple solutions, with this often comes updating of nuget packages, while you can use the VS g...

Docker LinqPad Driver

less than 1 minute read

So recently, I have been doing a lot of docker stuff.