Hi, I am Robin, a software architect. Orignally from New Zealand, and now in the Gold Coast, Australia.

Dedicated to building clean maintainable and scalable software solutions using best of breed processes and standards throughout the full SDLC. From concept to delivered product.

At a glance:

  • learnt and demonstrated web page development in 2000 with HTML and netscape composer to NSW education minister John Aquilina
  • built content management systems from scratch
  • built document versioning and basic file management from scratch
  • learnt HTML4, XHTML, CSS3, HTML5
  • implemented many content management systems.
  • freelanced for several years from 2000 to 2004, mainly with PHP/MySql and (X)HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • used source control from tfs, subversion, mercurial to git
  • built a desktop media scheduling windows app that ran 24/7 in venues, in VB6 due to an issue with COM in .NET.
  • designed database structures in MySql, and Sql Server
  • wrote technical specifications, functional specifications, wireframes, flowcharts since 2006
  • lead web development projects from 2006, mentored other developers.
  • introduced cloud computing concepts to web projects from around 2006 when it was new, in particular for private video streaming and storage
  • wrote chrome extensions
  • created build and deployment scripts with Nant in 2007 and MsBuild from about 2010
  • learnt nodejs when it was in beta around 2009, currently develop with on a daily basis.
  • learnt the first version of Angular around 2010, currently use recent versions for projects.
  • implemented .net core since it used DNX .net core 1 2014, currently developing in ASP.NET Core 3.x and .NET 5, learning .NET 6
  • wrote deployed .NET nuget packages, and global tools.
  • created a simple windows service deployment process for nuget packaged apps. prior to the introduction of docker.
  • implemented LINQ since .NET Framework 3.5 (LINQ to SQL, LINQ to XML, LINQ to EF, LINQ TO data) and now .NET Core 3.x/5
  • implemented and lead development of new web solutions using Azure services, Azure Queues, blobs, table storage, file shares, app services, vms, serverless functions
  • implemented CI/CD with Visual Studio Team Services, now Azure Devops
  • wrote dynamic docker container creation and management from .NET Core to spin up, shutdown containers on the fly.
  • implemented docker, customized dockerfiles for optimized images, configured docker-compose to simplify application testing for .NET and Nodejs based projects with databases and other services.
  • supported/mentored developers and testers.

I have been programming since a kid with my Atari 800XL in the 80’s, similar to a C64 (Commodore 64), and been developing various web and desktop solutions since 2000 for web agencies and software companies in various stacks.


Built many web solutions throughout the entire development lifecycle for 2 decades. Architected solutions for various companies, written technical documentation, along with full development, I have lots of time clocked up on both front end and back end development, and remain up to date.

I have made technical decisions for website solutions for web agencies, digital advertising companies, created websites from scratch with php, c# .net along with database design, and implemented several content management systems. From clients analysis to architectural concerns, wireframing, to server coding, and frontend markup and javascript.

Specialties: Software engineering, Website architecture, Web applications, Content Management Systems, Consulting.

Website Architecture / Technical Documentation / Wireframing C# .Net 14 Years / PHP 5 years Javascript since 2002, jQuery / jQuery U.I / jQueryMobile