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So lately, I have been learning some new things such as crypto and blockchain development.

  • Solidity for Smart Contract applications running on Ethereums blockchain
  • Deno - developed by the creator of nodejs to address it’s flaws
  • AssemblyScript (a TypeScript like language for producing Web Assembly binaries)


Now solidity is a simple Javascript-like language, it’s designed for smart contracts that run on Ethereums blockchain, now Ethereum itself has a huge eco-system of development and projects based off it.


Ahh Deno, consider this the next generation of NodeJs. In fact it was created by Ryan Dahl who started NodeJS. Check out his youtube explainer of nodejs issues over at 10 Things I Regret about Node.js. Ryan himself explains some of the major flaws and pain points of NodeJS which many people may be familiar with.


Now this is nice, a TypeScript variant to produce WASM (WebAssembly) binary code. Usuable within a browser, outside, on a blockchain project etc. Very nice.