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Global Membership Card   ONE card to handle memberships at retail stores, shops, restaurants, cafe’s etc instead of individual membership cards, having to look through and find each card with separate id’s web logins etc, similar to how open id works on the web. ID could be on barcode or magnetic strip, with web services to provide users basic profile ( no financial data, credit details, or licence(s)), only information the member wants to provide   This would require a server to store members profiles, unless the details could somehow be stored on the card itself (ie smart card) though this could potentially require significant modifications to existing scanners, readers etc. As I dont currently know how existing store readers work Im assuming it would be more complex (hardware wise) on a smart card than merely storing an id on a barcode or magnetic strip. More research required.   ID Server - would contain members profiles (contact info, other personal info that they may want to provide) Store System - would be the individual stores membership system, for example to track users points

  1. Person registers for Card somehow via application form or online with basic profile information such as Full Name, Date of Birth, Contact Details, this is stored on the ID Server
  2. card is provided to them with a unique ID either as a barcode, or magnetic strip or similar, possibly with ID printed in plain text on card
  3. Upon first using the card at a participating store, their scanner will pick up the ID from the card and be able to register it onto their own Store system with the ID
  4. Store system will than be able to gather profile information (such as contact details etc) from the ID Server via web services, they could possibly grab it upon first registration or as needed to contact the member. Ideally, members should be able to use the ID from the card to login to each individual stores online membership system (if it has one), thereby eliminating the need to have so many id’s and logins for each separate store, or use openid to share the logins.   Members would be able to login to a web interface for the ID Server to list what stores they are registered with, and adjust privacy options to allow/deny individual stores access to their profile information   ID cards could have sponsors images on them, for instance some of the participating stores. Or personalized for the member (at a cost)   ID Cards could be free for members to join, and a fee could be applied to the stores perhaps per registered user signup or upon collecting profile information.