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Project Idea 22/12/2008 How to develop a Website (From Business/Customer Point of View)   Aim:   To educate clients, businesses what needs to be done to acheive a successful website, on-time, on-budget   Description: —————- How a business should go about developing a website, not how to build a website, rather how to: Succinct, Concise, Clear, Straight to the point  

  • Choose a design service
  • Review designers/programmers
  • Choose a designer, what points to look for,
  • Choose a programmer, what to look for, how to choose suitable programmers, things to look for
  • Define Goals
  • Understand the technology platforms (the web platforms that drive the sites)
  • Brainstorm features, prioritize and reduce feature(s)
  • Use tools to save time and costs
  • It’s all about the content, prepare content now, now, now
  • decide what features to drop, or leave for later stage   This guide is aimed at clients and businesses wanting to develop a website, the target market will be:
  • small to medium businesses, CEO’s, I.T Managers.
  • looking to build, develop a website, or web application.
  • concise guide to show what is important to focus on, and what to leave out.
  • How to prepare content for web designers, programmers, analysts
  • Cut costs by reducing analysts time, consultants fees. Title Chapter List Why this guide (intro to why this was developed)   Define goals of the website This chapter explains how to identify major goals of the website, how to create a vision for the website that will lead the development. What do you want it to acheive. How will development match the desired vision.   Get the right people involved The most essential ingredient to the success of a project is the people involved. Get the right people involved in the project from the start, contact people, project management, technical people, programmers, designers. Who needs to work on what,      Internal, all the people within your company that will have an effect on the development.    External, Web Designers, Agencies, Programmers, Graphic Artists, Copywriters   It’s in the content No matter what business your in, any website will contain content about you, your company, your product(s) or services offered. When preparing content for any website, be it a 5 page info brochure, or an enterprise content management system, the better and faster you can prepare content, the faster a website can be delivered that caters to your websites vision.      * Discusss types of content    * Images, Web formatting and optimization    * Organization and categorization of content items    * Sitewide content and dynamic content, Assets such as media, document, audio, video, flash    * How to prepare content for web design agencies to ensure development stays on track   What features are truly important No matter how many whiz-bang features you may want for the website, it is unlikely all of them will be implemented (unless you have an unlimited budget), this is where you must prioritize features that are critical and those that are just “nice” to have.      * Brainstorming and listing all the features    * Reducing features    * Prioritizing and grouping features into several portions   Choosing a Design Agency What are the points to look out for when choosing a Web Design agency, how will you know if they are suitable for the type of development you are after.      * Choosing programmers          Passionate about their craft. The kind that care about details the other 95% dont.    * Choosing designers