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Lead Generation

Every company needs leads to survive and grow, leads are often purchased in batches of hundreds, thousands and hundreds of thousands at varying costs, over and over again, many of these leads may be out of date or expired for any number of reasons, from leads that no longer reside at their address, old phone numbers, or simply incorrect details. Once the leads are used up, than a new batch will be brought and so it goes.

AutoScraper lets you capture your own leads straight off the internet, from almost any website in existence, capture targeted leads relevant to your industry and business and not generic outdated lists. For instance

  • YellowPages
  • eBay
  • CraigsList
  • HotFrog

Than capture new ones when you like, once a month, once a year, anytime you want!!, no need to repurchase leads over and over again.   AutoScraper Benefits and Features

  • No monthly fees or charges, one time cost, use over and over again.
  • Fast Scraper creation and execution, easy to use, load the project file for a website, search and capture
  • Export to multiple formats, by default csv (for excel) and xml, with more to some such as different databases Features:
  • Create your own scrapers using common jquery/css selection techniques. Practically anything on a webpage On the roadmap
  • Capture multiple websites with different content and structure with one click, Autoscraper already provides the capability to organize and structure different content, just need to include batch processing to combine them all