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Business and Consumer consulting technology solutions

  • Streamlining your business processes with technology to dramatically reduce operating costs, and provide measurable results and return on investment
  • Analysis of manual business processes that could be automated with software to reduce repetitive and error prone tasks. An example of this is our own product, AutoScraper which captures data from any website and saves to excel compatible csv files, or xml. Completely replaces the need to copy and paste repeating data on a website.
  • Consulting on infrastructure such as computer equipment, apple, pc, cloud, what to use?, and why, how will a product or service help your business best. And what to avoid!!

Web Development consulting, development and training

  • With over 12 years web development experience
  • From conception,design and development to Marketing, and SEO.
  • Buzzwords? what they really mean for your business, AJAX, HTML5/CSS, PHP, ASP.NET, SEO, AdWords, etc
  • Developed small to enterprise websites and applications on high profile sites
  • Robust Web Application development with best of breed techonology and methodologies
  • Full SEO including Organic SEO (ie increasing native search engine rankings without advertising)Content based seo development, copywriting for your websitePay Per Click such as Adwords and other Google Offerings.
  • Marketing Guerilla MarketingEmail MarketingSMS Services Training
  • Not so much emphasis on building web pages with HTML/CSS as these are covered all over the web. but covering the bigger picture and overall site development strategies, for consultants and management level.
  • Initial client consultations, gathering requirements, formulating structures and a process to construct the website, principles that can be applied regardless of technology.
  • What type of developers, designers to choose, what to look for in terms of skills, practices, and experience.
  • Why it pays to get a really good developer over 5 mediocre ones.
  • Considering SEO?, again what to look for. Technology Gadgets, items and options, what they mean for you
  • iPad, Galaxy Tab, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, what’s it all mean and how can they help you.