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Winforms based Web Scraper


  • jQuery/CSS3 Based selectors for creating scrapers for page content
  • Multi page web scraping with event driven page scraping api
  • Export to multiple formats, csv, xml,  with more to come (db, other)
  • Multiple websites
  • Familiar Explorer like tree structure
  • Built in querying for creating scrapers.

Built with:

Winforms .Net 4.0

  • Generates machine hash for sending to server to get valid licence
  • Scrapes pages
  • Uses NetSparkle to auto-update

.Net 4.0 Web Api for licencing api and db

  • Handles product activations from client app
  • Generates valid product keys to activate product and stores in db
  • Handles order submission from thirdparty payment processor
  • Generates valid licence for client app from product key and machine hash (generated from client) to activate for particular machine. 
  • Elmah and nlog for logging
  • EF Code First 5

MVC 4 Web App for public website   Current Status: App ready for beta public consumption