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What is your software development process like?

When you create software.

  1. Does it solve the problem it was intended to do.
  2. Does it do it fast enough to be happy with.
  3. Does it do it without unexpected side-effects.
  4. Do you have a process in place for resolving issues or unexpected side-effects?
  5. Do other people besides yourself use the software?
  6. Are they happy with how it works, and performs, and what is your process for collecting feedback?
  7. How fast can the software adapt to change?
  8. What’s the developer eco-system like?
  9. How quickly can other developers get up to speed with learning and understanding the codebase
  10. How well can other developers maintain the codebase, implement changes, refactor it?
  11. What do other developers think of the codebase, is it easy to understand, and a joy to work with, or a complete mess.

Do you contribute to other projects with other people?

How well do you understand requirements, and problems?

How do you communicate with others?

What applications have you made that other people are using?

What applications have you made according to other peoples specs and requirements.