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When it comes to software, its good to see how a software has improved over the years or degraded, to determine how well that piece of software actually is over time, not just marketing hype.

One way is to keep a track record of software releases over a period of months, years, and now with mobile apps, even days or weeks with rapid release cycles. This way you can see trends for different software over time, whether the general quality has improved.

This would be measured by user feedback, with ratings, comments, it could be attached to something like codeplex which has a rating system with each release of a software.

Maintaining a trackrecord would require an ever expanding db, so it would be ideal to structure it so it could split into different db so to scale.

this could potentially expand to cover all types of trends such as products and services though would be ideal to cover software first, as software is always changing and evolving.

by providing advertising and api, revenue could be gained via traffic levels.

some domain names

trackrecord.com softwarelog.com softtrack.com tracksoft softwaretrackrecord.com

softwaretrends.com productrends.com