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  • Person responsible for defect should be one following it up initially
  • Defects appearing due to HTML change (support.aspx form changed form field values in html)
  • Subversion causing issues on pc, ID’ being changed inadvertently.
  • defects appearing due to code moving dev to staging without config changes (add friends being particular case several times), not a true defect
  • The defect itself as opposed to issue
  • Specifications somewhat vague, lack of planning
  • Back and forth juggling act betwwen designer, developer, lead

Specific Issues

  • Support.aspx initially first defect (support not working) was due to form fields changed by designer, affecting calls from code-behind, while not designers issue, a notification that it had been changed before retest would have required a 5 minute change as opposed to defect cycle.
  • Add Friends not working when changing domain environment, known issue due to api keys for different services.
  • IP Blocking, the ipblocker works ok, just nowhere to send user, or display simple message.

  • Changing Requirements every day, add email in support page 3/9/2008, why wasnt this specified in requirements