Robin Stemp

Software Consultant & Architect

Welcome to my portfolio site. I am a software consultant dedicated to building clean maintainable software solutions using best of breed processes and standards. I have been programming since a kid with my Atari 800XL in the 80’s, similar to a C64 (Commodore 64), and been developing various web and desktop solutions since 2000 for web agencies and software companies in various stacks.

I have been passionately working with computers for quite some time, not just repeating the same day over and over, but actively learning new things, whether it’s in software development, computer adminstration, ui, tools and so on. This has been my hobby for a large number of years, I know many things in-depth.

My Core skills are :

  • Software Consulting - I can actually talk to people with normal communication without exposing them to tech speak (I have worked in hospitality for several years and sales so this helps)
  • Software Architecture - I can architect an entire web or desktop system from scratch, or using off the shelf CMS’s, or any combination.
  • C# .NET - .NET Framework, .NET Core - I’ve done it, over and over, and consistently improve.
  • DevOps - From Windows System Admin, Cloning, IIS, Command line administration, writing Tools, Batch Scripts, Powershell etc. CI/CD, Azure DevOps.
  • Javascript - Yeah raw Javascript, or any of it’s frameworks. runtimes like NodeJS

What have I actually done that is useful:

  • Web Applications with PHP CMSs, custom CMS’s in PHP and .NET
  • Desktop application running in hotels, and restaurants
  • Build and Deployments with MSBuild, Powershell, Batch files for backend, frontends using NodeJS, Aurelia etc
  • Lots of internal tools
  • Chrome Extensions (raw js, and with jquery)
  • Frontend Javascript Applications and Tools.

Some Personal Projects (warning: dragons ahead danger)

These were either quick tools, or experimental repos I created, the code prob wont include too many unit tests, however still fairly clean and structured.

Bitbucket repos (some are from 2010)

  • JS FormViewer Chrome Extension
  • JS NoPayWall Chrome Extension
  • Umbraco CMS Project Templates VS 2010
  • Website Scraper For Lead Generation
  • DotNetNuke External HTML Module
  • DotNetNuke Event Log Viewer
  • DotNetNule Content Exporter
  • File Renamer
  • MultiThreaded Application Browser And Downloader
  • Google GeoCoder


  • Electroneum Crypto Currency Instant Payments .NET Lib
  • DotNet CLI Tool to view and set nuget versions across projects
  • DotNet CLI Tool to get git status for multiple projects
  • DotNet new Templates
  • Convert Legacy .csproj files with Packages.config to new .csproj
  • Assembly Info Updater
  • Simple Slack Posting Lib
  • Simple Authentication Token Client
  • DNX Migrater

Fork to add some encodings

  • Fork of JS Node Swagger Models Updated to add File Types

I needed to create some custom nuget packaging process, so needed to learn how nuget does its thing under the hood.



  • ModBak Module for ModX CMS PHP