Senior Software Engineer October 2009 - November 2011

Web Developer on Mantra’s multiple websites, and booking engine.

  • DotNetNuke based websites and portals
  • Mobile Website(s) with jQueryMobile ASP.Net MVC 2
  • C# ASP.Net 3.5 Web Backend Development
  • ASP.Net Webforms
  • Front End XHTML/CSS Layouts, jQuery, cufon, Sifr.
  • Developed DotNetNuke Skins & Modules
  • Created packaging scripts for DotNetNuke Skins/Modules
  • HTML5/CSS3 Development
  • Developed Mantra, Breakfree, and Peppers Skins currently used on live sites from design psd’s and pdfs
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What I did at Mantra

DotNetNuke Skins

  • Mantra individual resort site html/css layout skins
  • Breakfree individual resort skins
  • DotNetNuke Packaging Scripts for Modules and Skins + post build events from VS
  • ClubCusoon Skin with existing skins
  • Peppers Skin development, Masterchef
  • Mantra Pat Rafter skins
  • MGMobile jQueryMobile HTML/CSS development.
  • Custom Google Analytics module to handle multiple login roles and subdomains, different keys.
  • jQuery and jQuery U.I

SQL Server Queries

  • SQL Queries to manage, generate reports, update content, fix up issues Virtual Machines

  • Creation of Virtual Machines using VirtualBox
  • IE6 Testing images
  • Mobile testing images XP
  • Windows 7 VM’s


  • Command line scripts for packaging DotNetNuke Modules/Skins into zips, autoinstalling into DNN
  • Deployment scripts using NANT

Development and Maintenance

  • C# ASP.NET 3.5SP1 With VS 2008 / VS 2010, ReSharper 6.x
  • Subversion
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Other Apps